John Nieto

John Nieto is a California based photographer specializing in street life, portrait and scene building using a mobile device. He has won multiple awards including 1st place in Portraits in the 3rd annual Mobile Photography Awards and a number of honorable mentions. "I was born at a time when the Polaroid camera was in its heyday, to artist parents and a mother that was also a school teacher by profession. It wasn't until the digital camera, and then the smartphone came of age that the connection was made. Like the Polaroid, I could once again gain instant access to my 'vision of the moment'. "A religious experience!" It was that familiar place that led John to keep pushing through and further explore the medium and its new endless boundaries. This transition led to evolve and shape his work to reflect a world of optimism and simplicity. Whether countryside or city sidewalks, they all pay homage to the dreamlike state of our short lives and the choices we make.

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